Getting new business cards always makes me think of that scene in American Psycho.
While embossing might get Christian Bale excited, I think that showing yourself off should be a lot more fun than all that!
Eggshell? Bone? Pale Nimbus? These are not colors, but rather, things that would crumble beneath my mary-janes.

My cards are from Moocards, a service that works with Flickr & enables you to put your flickr photos on your cards. I’m super into the small size card, but I know that’s not for everyone…So here are some other types of decidedly un-traditional cards for you to check out!

Rounded Corners!

Stuart Frisby

Dave Blank

Metal Cards!

National Greyhound Adoption Program (design by Laurie Demartino)

LODGE (design by eric kass )

Reflective Cards!

Le Reflet Restaurant


Some other helpful tips:

Remember them!

The other day, I met a prospective client & realized I forgot mine. I had to write my info on a napkin in paint marker. embarrasing!

Don’t be stingy!

If someone asks for two, give them up! Even if you’re at the end of your pack. If someone wants extras, they’re probably trying to refer someone else to you….which is the whole point!

Ask for a card if you give someone else one.

It’s always in your favor to be interested in other people & what they do. Plus, remembering people is key, and having a business card to remind you makes it even easier.

Follow up.

Drop people an e-mail after you get their card, especially after a conference or other big business event. You are one person in a sea of faces, and it’s important to make your impression stick.

Extra Info:
Wikipedia entry on business cards – In case you wanted to know where they come from.
Overnightprints.com – Quick & affordable printing.
Jakprints.com – Less affordable, but more options.

What does your card look like?


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  1. tyskkvinna says:

    I use moocards too. 🙂 I have mine set to randomly choose from my image pool when I order. the back is about as simple as they can get.

    they’re rather popular.

  2. Sarah-Rose says:

    I’ve decided to use moocards as well! I’m so excited.
    But I have so so many photos to edit before I can order them! gah, I hate waiting.

  3. Hey, thanks for featuring my card!

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July 11th, 2007