The last in progress image I posted was something that I drew in a very straightforward and logical manner.
I thought it might be interesting to show you something that came together in a more haphazard fashion.

A few months ago, I visited San Francisco and posed for photographer Jacob Appelbaum. He is the world’s authority on infrared photography, and also my friend. 🙂

My favorite from the set was this photo:

I thought it would be really fun to work from this photo (or any of jake’s photos for that matter) because the color scheme is so weird & interesting.


I dove into the outlines & kept going until I had enough of it done to move onto putting in any of the heavy blacks.


Then, I put in any large sections of black, and put in some of the outlines that I missed.


Next, I added some smoke & splatters, then started doing some of the fine detail work on the legs.


This is the point in which I got incredibly impatient & jumped into doing the coloring without finishing any of the inking.


& then some shading. I imagine it will take me a super long time to go back and ink everything I missed…and even longer to get a good handle on matching the colors on Jake’s incredible photo.
There were a bunch of other photos from this set that I’d like to incorporate into a larger composition, so the next time you guys see progress on it, it might be a panorama with other people & things in it.

It might be a while, since I’ve sort of stopped working on this one in favor of client work…but hopefully my schedule will clear up a little. Maybe posting the progress will get you interested…which will in turn get me interested.


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KSW Infrared in progress. (part 1)

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July 19th, 2007


Work In Progress