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Since I work from photo, I get a lot of e-mail asking how I go about choosing a subject or model for my work.
Generally, I find that my work falls into two categories;

  • Illustrations which are about the model playing a character.
  • Portraits which are completely about the model as a person in real life.

The previous post about my collaboration with Evan, is an example of the first category.
When I do work of this sort, my model could become anything or anyone. I could change their appearance drastically within the illustration, or even during the photo shoot. Most of my editorial work is like this, because I’m often asked to illustrate specific articles. In these cases, my models could be anyone that even remotely fits the physical requirements of my character.

However, it is the second type of work that I’d like to talk about more in depth. My number one source of inspiration as an artist is the people I meet. I am fascinated by the ways people choose to present themselves to the world. There was a period last year where I was doing portraits of mostly alt-looking females, and this really changed how people looked at my body of work. Many people assumed that I had a particular attraction to punk rock and body modification. While this is partly true, I am more interested in people who have a strong look, whether it’s punk or not.

Here’s a snippet from an artist statement I wrote last year:

I have always been interested in the nature of identity and how that relates to self-expression. Specifically, I am interested in the manipulation of a person’s outward appearance in reaction to their emotional state. I believe that people physically manifest their emotions, and my portraiture is an attempt to reveal and emphasize this inherent quality.

This interest in portraying real people has led me to draw a number of inspiring people, such as Nubby Twiglet, and Katie West.

But to get to the main subject of this post, I, like Salvadore Dali, just can’t stop drawing Gala.
Gala Darling is an excellent fashion blogger, and she’s also my friend!

She’s genuinely inspiring on so many levels, I imagine I’ll end up drawing her another thousand times before I die.
Please check out her site & get some inspiration of your own!

To take a little Gala home with you, swing by my print shop ( to snag your own copy of either of these.

Or, if you’d like a little Gala love on your computer, download the free desktop wallpaper!





P.S. Tomorrow, I’ll show you all the steps I went through to create this image!

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  1. Gala says:

    Oh my LAWD. THANK you! It’s beautiful! As are you, my sweet cookie!

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