Collaboration with Erica Wells

The other day someone asked me if I ever do any non-digital work, and the answer is yes, but rarely.

I will typically only put down the Wacom in favor of a pen when I’m collaborating with a more traditional artist.
One such case in point is the above collabation with the amazingly awesome Erica Wells.

Erica is an illustrator and collage artist, who makes alot of artist books. The above image is from one of 2 artist books we worked on together. Each of us made a book and did drawings and collage on the pages, then swapped books and continued. We swapped books a bunch of times over the course of a few weeks. Sadly, we live in different cities now, so it’s not as easy to work on these days. I imagine great mail-art projects in the future, though!

Here is some more of her solo work:

Check out her flickr stream,
& her livejournal.

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Collaboration, Erica Wells & Drawing on Paper.

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January 28th, 2008