Part two is here for your viewing pleasure:


Okay! So after finishing the figure, I did a really rough version of the middle greytones on the building. I did this step pretty sloppily because I knew I’d be getting more precise with it later.
I also added a ton of noise to the ground to seperate it from the building.


Then I added the main fill color for the building. Again, pretty loose and a little sloppy.


Here is the detailed shading. This is where I started to fill out the parts of the drawing that were overlooked in the previous steps.


Now for the detailed highlights.


Trees! I experimented alot with the value of these trees to push them into the foreground, but without competing with the figure.


Wires. This was the whole reason I chose this setting for this drawing. This is a spot near my house and I’m fascinated by all the wires every morning on my way to work.


Now for the magic…adding texture. Using a good hi-res texture (or several in this case) can totally pull everything together. I especially love the texture in the sky.


A little paint & there you have it!

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Paint the Town WIP (Part 2)

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January 30th, 2008