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Everyone always asks me what it’s like looking at porn all day and every day.
My answer is simple:

It’s awesome!

I am an artist. Particularly an artist who likes to draw people more than anything. What could be more excellent for me than having an anatomy lesson every second of my workday?

The other thing I should mention is that generally, I am working on webpages. This means I look at alot of thumbnails while I change the header or background color of a given page…but rarely do I ever have to look at any content.

Another perk of the job is that I never have to watch my mouth. I can be somewhat unladylike with my language, and this had proved difficult for me in other working situations. My job at kink doesn’t just accept my dirty mouth, but in fact, it requires it.

After about a month of working here I realized that any hesitations I may have had were just silly.

Which brings me up to the next big thing. had purchaced the San Francisco Armory building long before I started working there, but was set to relocate to the new building just a few weeks after I was hired.

It seemed like right after I got settled in at the Palace, it was time to move!

& what a move it was….

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  1. brit says:

    sounds like you have the best job. i wouldn’t mind working at a place like that.

  2. Marie says:

    Can’t wait to see you, gorgeous!!

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