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This is the part where I admit to you the biggest reason why I love my job:

I rollerskate every day.

It’s true!
When we first moved in, the building took a little getting used to. The IT department is the farthest from both the kitchen/lounge and bathrooms. My excellent coworker Nicole has a pair of heelies that she skates around on, so it wasn’t long before I was inspired to bring in my quad skates!

The other thing about my job that I love alot is our company videoblog!
We have a small team that films pretty much everything that goes on in our office.

Recently, they did a piece about rollerskating in the armory…featuring me.

Check it out (wmv format & totally safe for work)!


other formats:


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Working at (Part 4, why I love my job)

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January 14th, 2008


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