My friend Mothra made a movie called Douglas. She wrote a script, raised 30 grand, and made a feature film.

The film was in edit when the main hard drive storing the footage died.
After sending the drive out to the best data recovery system on the planet, it was determined that the movie is lost for good.

All that remains are some random scraps of fooage, and this trailer:

Douglas Trailer from Harry Pray IV on Vimeo.

As someone who has lost footage before for trival projects, I can only imagine losing something like a feature film. In the world we live in today, digital media makes our lives easier all the time…but it’s so temporary. When your work is stored in zeros and ones, it could easily dissappear forever.

So here’s the PSA portion of the post:

Back up your shit! Put it on multiple drives! I can’t stress it enough, hard drives are so cheap these days!
This happens to all of us. Technology fails sometimes. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll back it up later…I do it all the time. Seriously, make it a point to do it weekly, and you’ll be glad you did.

Mothra is looking to re-shoot her movie, and I’m sure she’ll take any dontions or kind words over at their myspace page.

She’s a totally awesome writer/director & I’m sure she’ll bounce back from this to reshoot the movie even better than the first time.

Douglas Flickr account
Music video for Seventeen Lashes by Reverend Glasseye, directed by Mothra.

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  1. Miss Dot says:

    oh I hear you. We had a minor fire at work years ago and I came running out of the building holding the diskette box, no handbag, nothing person, but the diskette box! my boss was EXTREMELY impressed 🙂 I just knew there was no way I was typing that dumb report AGAIN 🙂

  2. thisisstar says:

    Awesome! One of my friends has a hard drive in his computr with a handle on it that sticks out. All you have to do is grab the handle and pull, and it comes right out! Handy in case of fire.

  3. Mothra says:

    aww man this made me start crying. But in a good way. Thank you, Star.

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Douglas The Movie, and a public service announcement.

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February 4th, 2008