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Tomorrow is the annual Pillow Fight Flash Mob!
I’m totally excited!!

If you are in San Francisco, you absolutely must be there.

Here are the details:

Valentine’s Day
(Thursday February 14th)
San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza
(at Market and Embarcadero)

Here are the rules of Pillow Fight Club:

1) Tell everyone you know about pillow fight club.
2) Tell everyone you know about pillow fight club!
3) Wait for the Ferry Building clock to strike 6:00pm
4) Don’t hit anyone without a pillow (unless they want it)
5) Don’t hit anyone with a camera
6) HAVE FUN!!!

All will face the wrath of my sack of feathery doom!
(you don’t get to say that every day.)

Check out this video from last year:

More info:

Pillow fight flash mob wiki entry
Pillow fight club official site
2007 photos

I will be sure to have full coverage for you guys on friday.

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Pillow fight flash mob!

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February 13th, 2008