Okay, time for a really girly post.

I bought some new shoes. I think they’re pretty cute.
Check ’em out.

Who knew

This is not so unusual. I buy cute shoes all the time….however….these shoes have a secret….

attractive crocs?

They’re Crocs!

Dudes, I never would have believed it…but attractive Crocs exist.

I say it now in front of god, the manolo, and these guys.

Am I crazy?

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  1. Kristin says:

    ha! someone was JUST telling me about these because i said to her, “well, atleast you don’t wear crocs-” hahahah they ARE cute. and i understand walking around san francisco all the time, finding the perfect flats- are they comfortable? i am curious! and hi star, i’m kristin- i feel like we should meet someday-

  2. star says:

    They are SUPER comfortable. & yes…we should totally meet someday. We’re in the same city after all.

  3. Lesley says:

    Oh my, those are cute! I’m with you about usually disliking crocs, but if this is what crocs look like now then count me in! They look great with the pink stitching on your jeans, btw. xo

  4. Marie says:

    HOLY CANNOLI! Okay, I fucking hate crocs.. but I want to try those lil MJ’s on! They look soft like bubble gum!!!

  5. Marie says:

    WAIT! I know what they remind me of!!!! The red wax on Babybel cheese!!!!

  6. star says:

    yesss! they are like lovely soft waxy goodness. I love them!

  7. lis says:

    Oh I love them! I just spotted a little kid with crocs-that-looked-like-not-crocs, I didn’t realise they were making different styles for adults too. The ones I saw looked like a winter version. They were kind of neat.

    Anyway.. I’m definitely going to look for some around here – they appear to be precisely what I’ve been lusting!

  8. Mae Jane says:

    wow, those are utterly adorable! and they look SO comfy! must put on wishlist hehe.

  9. Dawn says:

    haha I was totally noticing those on Thursday! I saw the Crocs logo and thought….wow crocs make cute shoes!? I am so in the market for a cute pair of flats as well…

  10. Dawn says:

    also…..i want to start a blog. Do you recommend word press? I’ve never set anything like this up before, I may have some questions for you when I get around to putting it together. I like how this is a blog but also a portfolio web site all in one seamless package.

  11. thisisstar says:

    dawn– I do recommend wordpress. If you have questions I’d be happy to help you out on monday.

  12. leylabot says:

    This is so funny, because I just bought a pair of crocs too. Though, like yours, they’re a much more attractive feminine version.

    I wear these when I walk my pup or go to yoga. It’s also great for just easy shoe wear, and not wearing flip flops.

    Frankly, they’re super comfy, and fuck it. I’m old.

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March 7th, 2008