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I’d like to take this opportunity to ask you, my readers, what you want to see in this space.

What things do you want to see more of?
What things do you want to see less of?

What regular columns and topics do you like reading?
What one-off posts wold you like to become a regular column?

I want to know what you’re interested in.

If you’d like to leave a comment, that would be great.
If you’d rather do it privately, feel free to shot me an e-mail:

Thank you!

About Star St.Germain

I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. Marie says:

    Star comics plz!!!!

  2. Gala says:

    I’d like it if I could read what I was typing in the comment box :\ The font is so tiny I never know if I’ve made a mistake. Though maybe that is a symptom of getting old! Also, I love you Star, you are great. More info about your personal life please 😀 !!

  3. Amelia says:

    more info about what you’re up to with your various projects and more info about you!

    but I really like the content as it is. keep up the good work.

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