Last week, I went to this event at awesome design firm, IDEO.

It was called Quickie, and all the speakers had only 15 minutes to have their say.

I’ll be writing a little bit this week about the speakers that inspired me a bunch.


First up was Kitten on the Keys, AKA Suzanne Ramsey. She played awesome accordian songs about things like all the weirdos that sit next to her on the bus. There just aren’t enough comedic burlesque accordian players in the world.

You know what else there just aren’t enough of?

Middle aged men in skin tight bunny suits!


Scotty the blue bunny is pretty much beyond description. His act involved baton twirling, rapping, and asking old women if they liked anal. He is officially my new hero.

Watch this spot he did for current TV:

Info on more quickie speakers coming up tomorrow!

As for last week’s weekly resolutions:

+ Get my files transferred from both old computers to my shiny new portable hard drive.

All files transferred successfully.

+ Set up my desk so I can work at it, rather than working in bed all the time and giving myself back pain. Bad star!

Desk is set up and shiny. I got a lot more done this way!

+ Have my story for CBT inked and looking perfect.

Oh noes. Two out of three aint bad right? This is number one on this week’s resolutions, which brings us to number two…

+ Color story for CBT.

If I pull this off, I’ll have a whole week for revisions and lettering. Here’s to hoping it happens….

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Ideo Quickie

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March 31st, 2008