My time this week not spent battling the plague or working on CBT was doled out as follows:

star & peter

My friend Peter Berdovsky (Zebbler) was in town, so much hang out time ensued. You probably know him from the whole Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED bomb threat thing, but you SHOULD know him for his brilliant video art and event planning.

Check out this documentation of an event he worked on with Glitchcrew and Alex Grey:

He’ll be back in town next month, so I’m looking forward to more hangouts and possibly some art collaboration.

The night Peter left town, my friend Jake give me his extra ticket to go see Modeselektor!
I ended up staying out late with lots of friends and co-workers….and as expected, pushed my sickness into high gear. It was so worth it though!

Modeselektor photos by simmimehta

If you’re unfamiliar with Modeselektor, you should check out this track by TTC that they produced.

(dudes let me know if this flash music thing doesn’t work for you. It just seemed like the most convenient way to post some music on here in a non-illegal and non-obnoxious fashion.)

I also managed to finally re-dye my hair yesterday, but I left my camera charger at work…so I’ll have to share with you on Monday.
Speaking of cameras…I’m in the market for a new point-and-shoot.
I want to do better at documenting my life, and I’m finding that I need something that’ll work better in low light. Any advice?

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  1. Pat says:

    Flash player worked for me on pc. For a camera, check out the new Lumix TZ4 ($300) and TZ5 ($350) coming out at the end of this month. Preview here:
    You can also pick up the “old” TZ3 for cheap now.

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March 21st, 2008