Happy Pi day everybody!
I’m starting to collect really odd and interesting wikipedia articles to share with you!

Naturally, the first article I need to link is the entry for Pi (3.14).

Other bits of wiki awesomeness:

If a tree falls in a forest – Philosophy meets the logging industry.
Sergeant Stubby – The only dog to be promoted to Sergeant.
Jesus H. Christ – Does it stand for Henry?
& my personal favorite:
Pornocracy – The period of the papacy in the early 10th century, beginning with Pope Sergius III from 904 and ending with the death of Pope John XII in 963. During this period, the popes were under the influence of corrupt women (though not necessarily prostitutes), especially Theodora and her daughter, Marozia. This period is also called the “Rule of the Harlots.”

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  1. jessie says:

    ahhh that’s awesome- i’ve wanted to know what the ‘H.’ stood for for years. thanks for that one.

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March 14th, 2008


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