I should have posted this last week, but I totally forgot!

So, on april fools day, I walked into work and noticed our flags looked a bit curious.

From Thomas Roche, our PR dude:

I work for BDSM erotica studio Kink.com, which is located in the historic San Francisco National Guard Armory. When I got to work at the SF Armory this morning, Ilana Rothman, who directs Behind Kink, asked me if Marissa (Executive Assistant to founder & CEO Peter Acworth, who is out of the country on vacation) had found me yet. I said she had not; why was she looking for me?

“To tell you about the flags,” said Ilana.

“Yeah, yeah, I know, we’re waiting for our Earth Day flags, we should have them in a few days; in the meantime, it’s the California and Pride flags.”

“No, not that,” said Ilana. “The *flags*.”

Apparently, overnight our Pride and Golden Bear flags had been removed and replaced by the attached flags. Nobody knows why, but a mysterious ransom note was left indicating that our flags would be returned safe if we flew these flags until midnight. We have no knowledge of how the flags were swapped, or who did it. This is clearly a publicity stunt, but it is not one of ours. No, really it’s not. I don’t even know what a “Rockit” is.

There are 2 excellent videos detailing the events on behindkink. I’ve taken the liberty of screen shotting and linking direct to the videos so it’s all SFW.


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April 7th, 2008