When we arrived, we noticed this lovely little portrait studio, which would not have looked out of place at a walmart or kmart.

photo by applepirate

There was also a pile of props and silly clothes, which Reed and I took full advantage of.

We were later able to pick up our photos on flickr.

The last guest speaker for the night was Adam Savage, of mythbusters fame.
He gave an amazing talk about getting into art through movie prop reproduction.

Through the wonders of the internet, I can share it with you here:

Adam Savage at IDEO Quickie

I was in the front, so I managed a couple photos.


DSC00926The event was totally amazing, and I hope that I have the pleasure of attending more of them in the future.

It was also a benefit for 826 Valencia which I fully support…and frankly they deserve their own entry on this blog really soon.

I’ll have a couple more updates introducing you to some of the lovely and creative people I met at quickie in the next few days!

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  1. I didn’t notice it when we were backstage, but Adam and I had pretty similar doctor’s bags with us. I like to imagine what would have happened if I had accidentally grabbed his before my presentation, and brought it on stage. Although the extra 25 pounds of weight would have probably given it away.

  2. thisisstar says:

    Haha. That would have been awesome. I’d like to see you try to ‘free kitten’ with the maltese falcon. haha.

  3. I sincerely got a kick from your article. I don’t really have much to say in reply, I only wanted to comment to reply with wonderful work. good luck in 2010.

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Ideo Quickie Part 2

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April 2nd, 2008