First there was Murakami for Vuitton,
Then there was James Jean for Prada,
And hell, you could even count Fafi for MAC…
but now, I think I can officially declare this designer-clothing-companies-hiring-illustrators-who-are-famous-in-their-own-right-thing a trend—-

because woah, man…we’ve got Paul Pope for DKNY:

Check out this video about some of Paul’s process on the project:

Paul has been a longtime hero of mine, and I feel like these designs really used his existing aesthetic in all the best ways possible.
I’m especially a fan of the butterfly-wing camo.
The designs are beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what other work they do together.

This, however, leaves me speculating where this trend goes from here.

Will we have Audrey Kawasaki for Vera Wang?
Kozyndan for Marc Jacobs?

Will the clothing lines add more crossover fans for these artist’s work?
Will a Prada or DKNY wearer end up buying a James Jean or Paul Pope comic?
Or will the whole thing implode in a few months? Will these illustrators suddenly become “SO last season”?

Only time will tell, but I sure am curious to see what happens.

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Paul Pope for DKNY

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April 29th, 2008


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