TILT / Flickr Favs 4.10

1. Faces Of Death, 2. visible woman, 3. Can you do this? 9/365 Days Blythe, 4. bc30, 5. staystill, 6. deep and rocky underbelly, 7. magic mushrooms from lomo, 8. SWEETNESS ILLUSTRATION, 9. Untitled, 10. Serial Cut™ and Opera78 collaboration. Cover, 11. IFC-DG, 12. Kentucky Beach, 13. atilla, 14. men’s health, v. 2.0, 15. jonasunger, 16. CBT_CoverJasonLevesque

Since we were talking about type yesterday, I thought I should mention Opera 78.
Check out his flickr stream for awesome hand rendered letterforms.

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  1. Pat says:

    Sad. I couldn’t figure out how to fix my account until today. Maybe another time.

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Things I Love Thursday / Flickr Favorites 4.10

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April 10th, 2008