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Things this week that I love:

I’ve read a TON of great comics this week…like Karl Stevens’ Whatever, Smoke and Guns, and The Homeless Channel. I’ll probably have even more t recommend after Stumptown this weekend!

Portland tomorrow!
So looking forward to Indie Comix and time with Nubs. If you’re going to stumptown, please come by my table and say hi!


Whether you’ve bought me concert tickets, shared a pint with me, or even mailed me a hippo…I’m super grateful.

+Live Music

Saw F*ck Buttons last night, and Xiu Xiu last week & it was excellent! I need to go out more.


Speaking of music…I was going to post about this a couple weeks ago, but the day I was going to post, Miss Gala beat me to it! haha!

Anyways, I made a mix, and I thought you all should hear it:


What do you love this week?

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Tilt / Flickr Favorites 4.24

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April 24th, 2008