Between Portland, Maker Faire, my new band, and work….lately I’ve been kind feeling like I’m living on auto pilot.
Here’s hoping that things slow down soon! 🙂

Photo by Aenigma

Stumptown was totally rad! I got rid of all my books, handed out a ton of postcards, and saw a ton of friends I hadn’t seen in forever. I had the pleasure of tabling with Matt Leunig and Hellen Jo, who you should all check out post haste!

I had a really good portfolio review with Scott Allie, who gave me some direction for where to take my work in comics from here. Dear readers, you will not know what hit you.

I also picked up a few books, which I’m hoping to review on here later once I have a minute to actually read them.

& of course, there is the epic force of team Stubby. We wrassled that deer to the ground when it attacked us in the wilds of downtown Portland. We ate most of him on the spot, but saved his head….for he makes a rather charming wall accessory. Nubby is like the siamese twin sister I never had. I miss her terribly.

Stubby trio

Conclusion: I need to go back to Portland again real soon.

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May 7th, 2008