On Friday I was witness to something so daring, so amazing, I could hardly wait until Monday to tell you all about it.
Friends, let me just say that it’s rare to experience the level of awe and glory that my evening rose to.

Point Break is a horrible movie, but it’s horrible in all the ways I find incredibly endearing.

In case you missed this classic piece of riveting cinema, here’s a synopsis from IMDB:

Johnny Utah (Reeves) is a Special Agent for the FBI. Utah gets partnered with Angelo Pappas (Gary Busey) an experienced agent who is more than committed to his work. The two are asked to investigate the number of robberies committed by a group called the Ex-Presidents, who wears masks of Presidents Reagen, Nixon, Carter and Johnson for their robberies. Pappas has a theory that the Ex-Presidents are a group of surfers, and asks for Utah to go undercover as a surfer. The problem is, Utah couldn’t surf to save his life.

Add in cardboard reproductions of the sets, water guns, fake blood, and Keanu Rives played by a member of the audience….and you have a campy theatrical production that puts Rocky Horror to shame.

After arriving at the xenodrome, I was greeted by a cheerful bartender who made me the strongest gin & tonic I’ve gotten in my life.
I purchased a bag of chex mix and a plastic poncho and headed to my seat for an evening of amazing.

Here’s a snippet that will give you an idea:

If you live in either the Los Angeles or San Francisco area, I highly recommend you buy tickets while it’s still showing.


Point Break Live Official Myspace
Point Break Live on Wikipedia

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  1. Opium says:

    OMG that made my day.

  2. Daniel says:

    damn…that was awesome!

  3. Much love – much love for this. I’m getting my buddy the Nixon Fluro! I hope he loves it.

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Point Break Live!

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May 12th, 2008


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