Most of my friends use the Last.FM music service.

It tracks your music listening habits, matches you with other listeners, and recommends new music for you to check out.
The coolest thing it’s done though, is release it’s API to other companies so they can develop tools around the musical data it’s gathered.

There’s a big resource of cool tools on this page, but my favorite by far is LastGraph.

My friend Rubin sent me a poster of his graph, which I’ve screengrabbed below:


I’m still in the queue to import my data so I can get my own!
It’s really nice to be able to see your info displayed in such an easy to read and well designed manner.
I’m also rather partial to the use of Greyscale Basic as their main typeface.
If only their graphing had a red theme…

Other cool last.FM tools:

Generate a Sociomap using the music compatibility between you and your friends.
Learn to play the ukelele with your favorite songs!

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Cute Tech: LastFM tools

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June 4th, 2008


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