When I went to the Maker Faire last month, I picked up a bunch of awesome loot from the Bazaar Bizzare.
I’ve been meaning to post about it for a while, but it slipped my mind until today.

First, I’ve wanted to get a typewriter key ring with an asterisk on it for a while. I’ve seen a ton of people making these on e-bay or etsy, but I wasn’t into the settings that most of them use to hold the key in place. Also, the asterisk is a much harder thing to come by than the typical letter key rings.

asterisk ring and heart glasses

After having basically given up on my quest for he perfect asterisk ring, I stumbled upon one at the Bazzar!

This little guy is from The Weekend Store.

(cameo by my lolita glasses and my 5 week old manicure. yikes!)

Miss Alison vinyl pouch

Another thing I had been looking for at the time was a new wallet.
I had been previously using the AA Shiny Coin Purse which quickly turned into the not-so-shiny-and-leaving-bits-of-formerly-shiny-crap-all-over-my-purse coin purse. yuck.

I remedied this by buying a new coin purse from Miss Alison.

She personally guaranteed it’s shininess, and so far it’s held up!

Have a great weekend everyone, and be sure to come back Monday to vote on the Helvetica Challenge!

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Maker Faire Finds

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June 20th, 2008


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