Continuing with the Helvetica love, I saw this poster hanging up on a side street in the mission.
The simplicity of it’s design excites me.
Anybody know the artist? Leave a comment and I will credit them!


I’m especially interested by designers who can achieve a whole lot with just a little.
As a designer, I often find myself unable to articulate ideas simply.
I need to cover them in textures or surround them with ephemera to make my point.

For all my Helvetica obsession, I have yet to make a successful design using it.
Perhaps that would be a good challenge for me; to make a simple and excellent design using Helvetica.

Yet, for any good challenge, one needs a worthy opponent…

Any takers?

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I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. nicola says:

    DO IT!! (I’m not a worthy opponent but I’m studying Typography at present so I’m interested :))

  2. aimee says:

    I accept your challenge and hereby raise the stakes.

    You can only use helvetica black 72 point + 14 pt + 6 pt. You have to use all three, and only all three. The design will rest on color, typespacing and visual flow, and that is it. no rule lines (this is why i am saying 6 pt, you can use a font that small to your advantage) no images, no textures, no photoshop filters. letterforms and color. that’s it.

    hop to it.

  3. aimee says:

    oh yes, i forgot. deadline. MONDAY.

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June 16th, 2008


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