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I imagine I will still be reeling from my week in the desert for some time, so please forgive me if my brain is still somewhere in Nevada for a few days.
Burning Man held many, many magical moments for me, but here are some of the highlights:

+ Taking over the man

My friend Slim orchestrated this amazing act of tomfoolery where the second floor of the man tower was turned into a dance party for an evening. There was a velvet rope, a bouncer, and a list. I could try to explain it, but my lovely friend Matt from current.tv covered the event and put this terrific little video together that does a much better job of explaining what it was like:

+ Singing Barber atop Babylon

If you’ve been my friend for a long time, you might know that I used to be a vocal major & I sang quite a bit of opera.
It was then that I became familiar with Samuel Barber, who is probably best known for writing Adagio for Strings, which is often referenced as the saddest song in the world.
I however, am rather partial to “The Desire for Hermitage”, which was written by a monk and found in the margins of an illuminated bible, then later set to music by Barber.

I sang this song atop Babylon, a 100ft high tower out on the deep playa, at 3am.

It was one of the most moving experiences of the entire trip.

To get a better idea of what it was like, check out this recording of Cheryl Studer singing it

It looked like this:

+ The Diner Incident

This event shall not be described beyond saying that I laughed until I cried for hours. It involved doing shots of sugar, and epic mischief. The only other thing I can provide is some photographic evidence:

+ Working at Center Camp Cafe

Anywhere I can serve people lattes wearing a clown nose gets a thumbs up in my book. Also: dance breaks.

Center Camp Cafe
[Photo by Matt Scott]

+ Meeting Susan Buice

The lovely lady behind Four Eyed Monsters. It’s always nice to shake the hands of folks bringing great art into the world.

+ Hanging out with Kai

Reuniting with old friends is a joyous thing indeed.

+ Dancing in the dust storm

During one of several total whiteout dust storms, I did a modern dance improv piece at center camp.
We were at about 5 foot visibility at the time, so only people who were very, very close could see me.
I rolled around in my red & black kimono, got dirtier than I’ve ever been in my life, and inhaled the dust as I danced until my lungs were raw.
I felt so at peace in that moment…alone inside my moving body, working both with and against the elements at the same time…
On the brink of complete exhaustion, surrounded by people but still somehow completely alone in all that white…
It’s a feeling I can’t properly describe.

Much like Burning man in general.

I’ll have another BM update with video whenever I have time to edit it down.
Tell me about your week!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Awwwww….I am on an open univerity system at SJSU so I couldn’t go this year, because a condition of OU is showing up the first week (coniciding with Burning Man) I kept watching all the videos on current.com & they made me sad.

    I believe I am going to an after-burn party tomorrow (lol POSER) & then some hippie thing in GG Park on Saturday.

  2. El Dee! You’re amazing. SO glad you had fun at BM. =]

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Burning Man Highlights

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September 3rd, 2008