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Page 4 of the 24hour comic I did with Miss Mary Bee!
Writing by her, illustration/layout by me (after a photo, of her, by Alan Davis).

Got all that? ha. 🙂

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I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. Kelly says:

    I LOVE that tremendously and really really think a print of it would be awesome.

    How much would you charge?

  2. Vixel says:

    I’m with Kelly, a print of that would be lovely!

  3. thisisstar says:

    When it’s all posted, Mary and I are going to decide how we want to distribute the content. We might print the whole thing up and sell it as a book, or we might make prints, or maybe we’ll do both!

    The content belongs to both of us, though, so more discussion is needed before I can give you a straight answer. 🙂

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24 Hour Comic (Page 4)

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October 27th, 2008