Here’s a breakdown of that last illustration I posted!


I began this image by laying down the basic outlines with a medium sized brush.


I then added the black background, and began adding more detail with a smaller brush.


At this point, I started drawing the hair in over the black, using white. I also started using a very tiny brush, and put in even more detailed black lines. I am always tempted to leave my line work too clean, which is something I’m trying to get over. I miss some of the messy, scribbly qualities of my early work, so I’m trying to recapture that.


Splatter gets added next, in both white and black. I also put in some heavy outlines with a thick brush.
I’m trying to get a lot of variation in my line weight lately, to try and rely on my shading & coloring less.

I also added the hand lettered text, which went through several iterations of cursive and script fonts until I just hand drew it in my usual serif.


Rough color gets added.
I hate this step every time because the image instantly loses much of it’s definition and it takes work to get it back.


Rough shading.
I’m experimenting a little with the lines coming off of the shading. I keep waffling over whether I like it.


Rough highlights.
I wanted the lighting to be really dramatic, so I chose a really high contrast palate.


Initial textures.
This texture is put on in specific spots that appear to really need it, which differs from the next step because it’s very intentional where the texture goes.


Rounded corners, color tweaks & textures.
The image wasn’t quite warm enough for me, so I adjusted it a bit.
then I started throwing texture on at random.
I often find that if I think about it too much, I never get anything I like.
This though, I am happy with.

& that’s it!

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  1. Queen Lazy says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love to see how people work. And I like your idea of not over thinking things too much, I find it hard to be happy with things I do, I can always see something which isn’t quite perfect!

  2. Em says:

    This is incredible! The last picture is amazing, i wish i could do anything half that good!

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