Here I have a new draft for you of that first song I posted on the 16th, tentatively titled, “26”.

This is where things start to get interesting, because in the below playlist, you can see both the new draft of this song as well as the old one.

As songs evolve, you’ll be able to check out the entire recorded life of the song until it’s finished!
Also, all the older posts will auto update with new drafts at the top, so you’ll be able to see it no matter where you jump in.

here’s the most current draft, with older ones below it:

If you’re not seeing a player above this text, you’re probably viewing from an rss reader that’s parsing it out. Visit my site to listen!

As of this draft, I think what you’re listening to is a pre-chorus and chorus, but it’s possibly a chorus and bridge.
This will all become more clear when I write some verses.

instruments on this track are:

drum machine

The first half got some mixing since last draft, and there’s a whole new second part for you to listen to!
I’m not in love with the backing vocals on the latter half, so I’ll probably re-record.

What do you guys think?

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  1. Kai says:

    Much better mix! I hear that Bjork influence you spoke of. The backing vocals on the chorus reminded me of The Pierces (song: Secret, for instance), which is not a bad thing – I like the lo-fi quality of the backup. The filter works but you’ll probably end up recording new takes of the vocals anyways as this track evolves, so I’ll just wait. 🙂 Yay new draft!

  2. thisisstar says:

    thanks dudes! I think I’ll have a whole other song up before the week is out, too.

  3. Mae Jane says:

    Fracking fantastic love! Your vocals and instrumental work were awesome, the sound was beautiful & tangible, almost as if you were singing right next to me. Loved those lyrics too!

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