I was sort of hoping to get one of the other things I’ve posted to the state of being a whole song before posting anything else, but of course, inspiration hits & I have another new thing that I recorded at 2 in the morning.

This one features my roomate’s guitar, my new bass, and a toy keyboard I picked up last week.
I wanted to show you pictures, but I stupidly left my camera on the counter this morning.

If you don’t see a little flash player above this text, your rss reader is parsing it out.
Please click through to listen!

For the next draft, I’m thinking drums, electric guitar, cello.
As always, feedback is appreciated!

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  1. Kai says:

    Raw, gritty, sexy, hot, etc.! IMHO, if you sang with more smokey sultriness to your voice, that would really push it over the top. Maybe it’s just my personal tastes speaking but I feel like the emotional tone falls a bit shy of expressing the lyrical intent.

    Also, the alternating minor rhythmic guitar track (heard quietly in the first half) is dragging the song down (wrong tempo? off beat?) and could probably be dropped entirely, replaced by percussion. Definitely add percussion. 🙂

  2. Cairo says:

    Mmmmnnnnggggghh! Hawt!

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