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While Miss Marie was visiting me, we were able to shoot with Kristin Cofer from Design That Kills!
Check out this awesome video we made about it:

Design That Kills Photoshoot with Agent Lover from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

I had so much fun hanging with Marie and Kristin & I hope we all get a chance to spend more time together really soon.
Here’s a small sampling of the photos we shot:

Design That Kills Photoshoot

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  1. Star, your eyes look AMAZING in these shots!

    These video totally fill me with love at how fun & sweet you gals seem, and totally sad that I don’t have a Star & Marie in my own real life! (Obviously a move to the West Coast is necessary)

  2. thisisstar says:

    Aww thanks! I’ll be sure to pay you a visit the next time I’m in your neck of the woods, lady! & please let me know if you ever visit SF.

  3. Marie says:

    Fun fun fun. Love yooou laddddies! But can some tally how many times dis bitch uses the word “awesome”? GAWD MARIE GET A GRIP.

  4. Gala says:

    Awesome video, & the photos came out WONDERFULLY! <3

  5. Althea says:

    Star you look so gorgeous in all of these photos,your new haircut is so great!
    + awesome video! you and Marie seem made for each other <3

    Also I loved your interview with Carmine magazine!

  6. Fivestar says:

    Amazing photos, you all look great! Fun video too:)

  7. Jolie O'Dell says:

    You are lookin super duper hot, Miss Star! =)

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Design That Kills photoshoot with Agent Lover

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January 10th, 2009