Hey guys! I’ve been putting this off for MONTHS, but finally, here it is!

My Madonna Inn video:

Madonna Inn Fall ’08 from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

Also, here’s a bunch of the shots I took.

Audrey, Flip, MaryBee
Audrey & MaryBee

Thanks to MaryBee, Audrey, Ramon, Larissa, Baby D, Peter, Evan, Grey, Reed, Flip & Marie!
We will go back soon!

Also, hello new readers from Drawn! I hope to see a lot more of you in the coming weeks. 🙂

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I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. Nina Rawkstah says:


  2. For someone with no knowledge about how photoshoots work it’s so great to see a little bit behind the scenes like this. Especially since your (and Marie’s) shoots always look so amazing and different and full of real women 😀

  3. Alison says:

    That shoot looks like so much fun! The next time you need a model, let me know. Fabulous shots.

  4. annie says:

    i want to go! (also, hellohello; i’ve sneakretly been following you for some time via rss feed + have been too shy to say hi – such is my life story!)

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Madonna Inn Redux

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February 11th, 2009


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