The time has come to let you all know why I’ve been so quiet for the past couple months!

ThisIsStarJewelry - Helvetica 10pt

I am proud to announce my new Jewelry line!
I’ve always been a huge fan of laser cut acrylic stuff, so somehow I got the crazy idea to make my own!

ThisIsStar Jewelry

This is the soft launch, so there will be more designs and colors added over the next month or so.

Click below to view any of my pieces in my etsy shop!

Awww yeah!

I’ll be vending all these pieces and more at Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland over the weekend!
So if you live in that area, you can come see in person!
I’ll be vending with a certain other lovely lady in red.


About Star St.Germain

I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. Chee Ann says:

    Very, very excited for the fortune telling fish!

  2. thisisstar says:

    Thanks ladies! Chee Ann – Fish should be up later tonight!

  3. ekim says:

    The elements here are beautiful. Great ideas. Also, thank you for linking to Nubby. I’ve just been inspired twice.

  4. thisisstar says:

    Thanks mike! && Nubby is quite the inspiring lady.

  5. Gaaaah awesome! Will you be selling the “Star” necklace shown in the big pic? I realize that you may have made it just for yourself, but stars are like MY FAVOURITE THING EVER and I would love that necklace!

  6. thisisstar says:

    Hey Lesley – I did make those just for me, but hit me up backchannel & we can talk about doing you up a custom order. I probably won’t be reordering plastic for a little while until I know how well things are selling, and which pieces are selling best, but if you’re willing to wait a little we can work something out.

  7. Ashleah says:

    Oh they are all so fantastic i cannot decide which one to get, i think im going to go on an acrylic overspend. Great Job!!

  8. AMAZING! Your stuff looks incredible! I don’t know what one to get… the futura one seems to be calling me.

    I actually have been working on some laser cut stuff too (we just got the machine at uni) so yay for laser cutty fun!

  9. mariah says:

    A little birdie told me about this project and I have been patiently waiting for its announcement! Yay! My first thought was… I hope she makes a Goudy Italic Ampersand… and there it is! Congratulations.

  10. Marie says:

    oooh gurl you talking font to me WUT
    Futura makes my panties drop! I’m all over dat SON! Have fun in PDX with lil Nubby Niblet!
    your wifey

  11. mariah says:

    Whoops– it is AGaramond not Goudy. Strange how different it looks in the group photo compared to the solitary photo.

  12. cuileann says:

    Ooh! Well that is rawther exciting!

  13. Brittanny says:

    They’re so cute! I want the Helvetica with cross so bad.

  14. gina marr says:

    WOW! My wallet is out already. The &HEARTS necklace is brilliant but I have to have to have to get that ampersand. Congratulations!

  15. Steve says:

    Oh my! That Mombi key necklace is giving me palpitations. I’m trying to work out how to make my budget stretch to include it.

    Much love

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  17. Brittanny says:

    Oh no! The Helvetica one with the Swiss cross is sold out! That’s the one that I wanted 🙁 Do you know when you will have more available?

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  19. morgan marcani says:

    This is so exciting! I have been wanting a piece like this since I saw them on Nubby’s blog sometime last year. Now that you’re doing it I’m purchasing for real.

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  21. jess says:

    Holy Moly girl! I cannot believe all the sales you’ve had in the past week – amazing for a new shop! You are going to be incredibly successful on Etsy – congrats (o:

  22. star says:

    thanks to everyone for the incredible & overwhelming response!
    Much love to you all!

    I’ll be updating this week with more styles & colors of everything!

  23. Ashley Meyer says:

    askjldfksljasldkjf omg!!

  24. cassie says:

    Yay! I’m really pleased for you, it looks great!

  25. jaaack says:

    star, you so need to make helvetica keyrings!

  26. Kayla says:

    Awesoe line, I’m going to check out the esty shop right now!

  27. ali says:

    Lovely! I am also desperate to produce my own laser cut acrylic jewellery but have no clue where to start (hence just googling and coming across your beauties). Any pointers for a total newbie? Thanks! :o)

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  29. Katha says:

    Wow, these are fantastic!
    I need the “Ampersand hearts semi-colon heart symbol necklace” in my life – but unfortunately I live in Germany 🙁 Will you take international orders at some point?
    Thank you! 🙂

  30. star says:

    Hey Katha- I do ship international! for whatever reason I forgot to list that one particular item as international. It’s fixed now!

  31. Katha says:

    Yay! Thank you so much ♥

  32. dirtyflaws says:

    in love xx

  33. Good stuff! I like the Helvetica one, it’s original 🙂

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