my heart is an oil slick


the promise of good things on the other side.
&& what is left behind-

you will know we have passed through this place.

About Star St.Germain

I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. ColorTaster says:

    This is beautiful. I love the rainbow effect on the concrete.

  2. Zann Carter says:

    Beautiful picture- and your words stunned me. Feathers have been a Sign for me ever since my son’s death.

  3. annie says:

    i think that you must be queen of the iphone photos.

    beautiful you, beautiful girl.

  4. thisisstar says:


    I realized that my phone is the only tool i can manage to use regularly for documentation, so instead of shunning it for it's low quality, I am trying to embrace it for it's ease of use.

  5. Go Keyez says:

    This is a POWERFUL visual… The Perfect picture to encourage the human to Beautifully Be…

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June 2nd, 2009