I’ve recently been working on a couple of web design collaborations with
the impeccable Miss Nubby Twiglet.
She is easily the best designer I’ve ever had the pleasure of collaborating with.
She has been at the helm of visual design on these projects,
while I’ve concentrated on code and interaction design.
I’ve had so much fun coding up Nubby’s designs and making her ideas become reality.



Most recently, we spent some time working on redesigning Biorequiem,
the online home of Miss Zoetica Ebb.

Zo was looking for a clean, simple design, with lots of dynamic elements.
The things I’m most proud of on this site are invisible- the way the sidebars update with recent posts and generate thumbnails on the fly, and the galleries automatically integrate new content when it is added- without a need for further coding.
I’m also totally in love with the logo Nubby designed for the top header!



A few months ago, we launched the new face of iCiNG, Gala Darling’s fashion & lifestyle site.
Nubby incorporated the illustration I did of Gala’s crown logo into her fantastic magazine layout navigation header.
From Nubby’s mockups, I integrated the design into Gala’s content management system and blog software.

This project was the start of my web work with Nubby, and I expect there to be many more collaborative web design efforts in store for the two of us!
Keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. I should have known you had a hand in these. I'm a big fan of both!

  2. Raphael Lee says:

    Good lord. These look amazing.

  3. Nubby says:

    Seriously, I adore you! And I am always in awe of your coding skills. I can only hope to be on your level someday, you are truly amazing.

  4. birdie says:

    Both sites are gorgeous.

    I wondered about the thumbnails on Biorequiem – they’re tight!

  5. Danielle says:

    Loving both of these NubbyStar productions, what gorgeous blogs!

    Not sure if this is your department, FWIW, when I subscribe to Biorequiem’s RSS in Google Reader, the title defaults to (title unknown).

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September 18th, 2009


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