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For this week’s podcast, we took a field trip to the US premiere of new animated documentary Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai at the San Francisco International Animation Festival.

SF International Animation Festival

This film was written by Mamoru Oshii, who you might recognize as the director of films like Ghost in the Shell and The Sky Crawlers. As a huge fan of his directorial work, I was really excited to see his new film!

This movie is a documentary about the life of legendary Japanese samurai, Miyamoto Musahi. This dude is such an icon of Japanese culture that his story has been obscured by countless fictional accounts of who he was.

This film attempts to set the record straight through a mash up of enough styles of animation to make your head spin.

Are we the first podcast in the US to review this film?
I do believe we are.

Do you want to listen?
Of course you do.

Click here to listen to our coverage.

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  1. Man, I don’t listen to many podcasts (my friends all do podcasts on things I’m so uninterested in. But please, don’t tell them – ha!), but this doesn’t sound bad at all. I MAY have to give it a listen. Hahha.

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Destroy All Podcasts: Musashi–The Dream of the Last Samurai

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November 18th, 2009