The other day, I had the pleasure of shooting with the amazing Flip Cassidy!

He was only in the bay area for a couple short days, so we didn’t have much time to plan any on location shooting.

Instead, we just set up my studio lights and made do with what I had lying round the house.
I am SO PLEASED with what we came up with.

By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy
By Flip Cassidy

Flip is a great friend and an amazing photographer.

Many many thanks to him for a great time and a stunning set of pictures!

Shooting with Flip Cassidy
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  1. Star, you're all that and a pair of… levitating… buckle-y… high tops?

  2. I'm in love with your neckerchief!

  3. Thanks, dudes! Neckerchief is from Black Peace Now.

  4. Jazzi M says:

    So beautiful. You give great face.

  5. Doc Pop says:

    These are great. I love how much you got out of a fairly minimal set. Thanks for posting the last shot that shows the set up.

  6. Adorable! I love your expression in these. I also really, really dig the last shot. I love when it helps things make sense!

  7. These shots are so, so cool! You guys definitely found a way to make do…and then some.

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Modeling for Flip Cassidy

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November 16th, 2009


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