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Every year, the ol’ day job throws a pretty happening holiday party. This year was no exception, and I came prepared to rage.
Just before the party, I decided to take a little trip down the block for some food–and low and behold, I returned with both pizza, and a wig. Not just any wig, mind you, but a wig of clearly epic proportions, from RetroFit.

Epic Hair

Little did I know that my Tim & Melinda would do me one better, by arriving with several pairs of mustaches on a stick. Mustaches on a stick THAT THEY MADE! The red and white ones were inspired by the pringles guy, while the blue one was fashioned in the likeness of the dude from Amazing Horse. (click it, I dare you.)

Red StacheBlue StacheWhite Stache

Obviously, we spent the evening inviting people to pose with them on.

Star & Zaira

Later in the evening, there was an epic burlesque show, starring Lady Satan, Pin Key Lee, Bunny Pistol, Alotta Booty, Ruby White, and Sparkly Devil.

Lady SatanLady Satan
Pin Key Lee
Pin Key LeePin Key Lee
Bunny Pistol
Alotta BootyAlotta Booty
Ruby White
Ruby WhiteRuby White
Sparkly Devil

Afterward, there was a raffle thing & I ended up winning a gift certificate to a local fancy restaurant (the food was, incidentally, not very good…which is why I won’t bother mentioning who they are).

Mr. Mogul and the Maestro
Melinda & Jared
Blurry smiles

The end of the night came quickly in a flurry of blurred smiles and mustaches.

Until we rage again!

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  1. Amazing! God, I wish I worked for a company that through such amazing holiday parties…
    .-= Ashe MIschief´s last blog ..Indie Designer: Color Me Conscious =-.

  2. Your Wifey says:

    Those moustaches are GREAT!!!! I love you guys!
    .-= Your Wifey´s last blog ..I Wanna Be Evil =-.

  3. Your Wifey says:

    Wait I have a request…can they make me a merkin on a stick???? PLE
    .-= Your Wifey´s last blog ..I Wanna Be Evil =-.

  4. Morgan says:

    I covet your wig. Hardcore.

  5. I hope you’ll be wearing this wig more often. I love it!
    .-= Melissa Dominic´s last blog ..Eight Days =-.

  6. clarity says:

    Wow its so great to see a plus size burlesque girl. Do you know who she is?
    .-= clarity´s last blog ..Free tarot readings for the holidays =-.

  7. thisisstar says:

    @ashe- I am lucky in this regard.
    @wifeyboo- I’ll see what I can arrange
    @morgan & melissa- You will be seeing a lot more of this wig.
    @clarity- That’s Alotta Boutte- she’s @lejazzHOT on twitter.

  8. floreta says:

    wow, i love seeing real looking woman. and the moustaches are a nice, creative touch 🙂
    .-= floreta´s last blog ..Sake Heart-to-Heart =-.

  9. Cairo says:

    Yes, Doll. That wig is to die for. And in other news, it would seem I now desperately crave an Amazing Horse hoodie. *sighs*

  10. Anonymous says:

    […] we’ve pre­vi­ously estab­lished, at any good party, there are fake mus­taches involved. This party was no […]

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Raging: The Company Party

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January 7th, 2010