It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my most ambitious project to date!

I have joined forces with Mr John C. Worsley to create a multimedia project of epic proportions.

This started in the spring, when John was about to embark on a road trip from Oregon to Massachusetts.
After discussing his plans, I discovered I had previously taken a trip along nearly the exact route he was planning- just in the opposite direction.

The Comic

We decided to make a comic about the concept of the cross country road trip, based on my previous experience, and the one he was about to have.

We came up with a format, which allowed for the book to be read in either direction.
We each wrote a loose story, and printed them in opposite directions on the same page- using the road itself as the dividing line between our stories.

The Album

As we began working on the comic- John had begun working on an album about the experience.
Initially it was his plan to do this separately from our comic project- but seeing as we are both musicians, I suggested that perhaps I should write my own album.

This was where things really got interesting.

We decided it would be really excellent if I were to write all my songs in the same key and time signature as John’s, in the hopes that we’d be able to play them at the same time and have them sound good.
John’s songs were largely electronic and instrumental, so we knew it would be possible for me to write things with words that would compliment what he had already done.

John began writing out all the parameters of all his songs for me- key, time signature, length, bpm, etc.
I vowed to not listen to any of his material until I was finished composing my own.

The Process

John finished his album and released it.

I spent considerably more time on my half- seeing as I was also having to write words that would work with the content of the comic.
I can vouch that my half of the project ended up being about every road trip I have ever been on, and then some.

Since he was finished, John listened to me while I worked.
He would occasionally say things like “This isn’t working- you’re going to have to scrap it.”

While I was less than thrilled by those sort of developments, I was determined to make a good record that would work with John’s half- without compromising the integrity of the project and listening to his work.

The Result

Months later, I finally finished.
I heard the songs playing in sync for the first time.
The results were better than I ever could have expected.

Here is the first track, combined with John’s last track:

We decided we needed a nice way to show people exactly what we did.

As such, we built a player for the music that crossfades the music between John’s half, my half, or both.

It is flash, and it won’t work on your iThings. Sorry about that.

We made a bandcamp page, where you can buy the combined album, either half on it’s own, or all three with the pdf of the book.
If you buy the deluxe package of all 3, please wait patiently, as it takes bandcamp a long time to shell out 36 tracks and a pdf.

Of course, you can stream the whole thing for free- either through our player, or on bandcamp.

I’d love to hear any comments you have on any aspect of this project.

Thanks for listening!

About Star St.Germain

I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. Mariah says:

    I am blown away! Beautiful and inspired.

  2. joe says:

    That’s fucking great! Nice idea and approach to creation of art/music. Although I listen to it for the first time now I like the result of your collaboration (or, rather ‘combination’) very much. Your voice and instrument (I guess that’s you playing?) integrate with the atmospheric soundscapes in very beautiful way creating this complex and playful but at the same time calm and controlled sonic experience 🙂 Will be happy to buy the FLAC version on bandcamp. Thanks.

  3. Cairo says:

    “May your memories be you stories, and may you own what you know.” -Bitch and Animal

    I’m impressed,


  4. Jolene says:

    Everything about this is awesome.

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