Kristen and I went to Port Costa last weekend to attend the open house for Theatre of Dreams. I showed you the photo shoot we did, so as promised, here is the rest of our trip!

Theatre of Dreams is the store and studio of Wendy Addison. She makes lots of neat glitter covered things that I want to hang all over my house.
Unfortunately, the store is only open a few times a year. I saw that they were having an open house for the holidays and knew that I had to go!

Wendy has a knack for building amazing shadow puppet things out of old erector sets, paper, and fabric.
Totally amazing stuff!

I love this card holder! I almost bought it, but I ended up walking away with more shiny things and paper things than I need- so it’s probably for the best!

This is a huge moving shadow puppet- about 4 feet tall!

That’s all folks! More pictures from the next trip we take!

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  1. Love the shadow puppet photo and the mechanical theater – beautiful photos

  2. sugarmouse says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE these photos!!! thank you so much for sharing.

  3. suzi says:

    ah! i was just in port costa myself! theater of dreams is amazing, especially the puppet show. my friends and i spent the night in the bordello-turned-hotel. the place breathes debauchery, i love it. right down to the broke-ass bedframes (


  4. Star says:

    Port Costa is my favorite. I’ve never stayed in the hotel there, but someday!

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Port Costa

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December 8th, 2010