I recently took a trip down to Los Angeles with my bandmate Kristen, so we could shoot a music video for the first single on our upcoming EP!
It was directed by the amazing and talented team of Chad Michael Ward and Niko Sonnberger.

I’m going to give the video it’s own post, so you can get a sneak peek of what Chad and Niko have planned for your eyeballs. Also, there will be a bunch of behind the scenes video and other goodness after it actually comes out!

Before all the excitement of working on the video, though, we had to drive all our gear down to LA, and get checked into our hotel.

We stayed at The Standard– which is basically my favorite hotel in Hollywood.

They will deliver booze-filled milkshakes TO YOUR ROOM.
If somebody can make that happen at my house, I would pay good money. Just saying.

They also have a pretty excellent restaurant in the lobby that’s open all night.
Behold it’s cuteness as we frantically drink coffee and decide what foods we ought to nom:

Tune in later this week for part 2: Our visit to Pygmy Hippo Shoppe!

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  1. man, i haven’t been to la since 2002! how wonderful! i love the pics in the restaurant – they seem so old school.

    <3! can't wait to see the vid~

  2. Marie says:


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Los Angeles Recap: Part 1

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February 16th, 2011