A few months back, Katie West came to visit California.

She came and stayed at my house for a night, and the next day we took a bunch of pictures together.
She said some really lovely things about it, and managed to do so in a much more timely manner than I.

I’ve shot with a lot of photographers at this point in my life, and looking at what they capture always surprises me.
In looking at the ways they show me myself, I suddenly realize what about each photographer is different from the others.
Sometimes they have signature color schemes that can cast a mood really easily. Other times, I marvel at their compositional craft.
Sometimes, I see myself transformed into someone else entirely.

Katie was no different.

When we started shooting she said: “Things to know about shooting with me- I’m very unprofessional, and I laugh a lot.”

When I got the pictures back, I looked at the above photo and felt like it was one of the most honest ones I’ve taken all year.

I’ve got more than an inch of roots, my hairdo is coming undone, my dress is wrinkled…but there I am– hanging out with a naked mannequin and a pile of red instruments. That’s who I am, rumpled dress and all.

For the first time in a while- I was able to look at a photo someone took of me and see not a character or a story they created- but instead, myself looking back.

She was unprofessional. We both laughed a lot.

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Sitting for Katie West

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May 20th, 2011