Last night was a night not unlike most of the nights I’ve had lately, which is to say I was having a small freakout to myself about not getting enough done.

You see, my dear friend Kenan sent me a message recently, saying he couldn’t make it to the west coast for the Alternative Press Expo next weekend…and would I happen to know anybody who would want to take his table?

So, of course I jumped on it, and I’ll be exhibiting, and that means I’m currently scrambling to get my product together.
I’ll be tabling with the usual crew of Tim & Jeremy.

Also it will be my birthday. So come by and say hi and stuff.

I’ll have copies of All Over The Map, and Instabook (possibly in COLOR?), as well as prints, and OH YES FRIENDS, some necklaces as well.

Necklace merch will still be from the old line, but I’ll have some new colors for you.
All of this will be available online, along with the new lines, in time for Christmas, but if you show up in person you get the goods first.

Anyway, as I sat there having my little freakout, I realized that none of the new jewelry packaging is done yet, and I’m out of business cards, and I somehow lost my box of old necklace packages in my last move.

So I took a deep breath and started sketching, made myself the new logo you see above, and ordered new cards/packaging today.
When I get them I’ll take some pictures and show you.

This probably won’t be my totally permanent and final branding, but I’m starting to get better at just letting go and allowing for things to change over time. I used to be really good at not putting something out there until it was perfect, but the truth is perfection is hard, and I often just overworked stuff until it was totally unacceptable.

I’m taking steps to change that.
It’s a start.

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I am a tornado disguised as a girl.

  1. sometimes perfection is unnecessary. also, good on you for jumping at the chance! i hope it works out well.

  2. Your blog is lovely and I love your take on life, the voice behind your words! I will keep this blog on my radar! Have a stupendous day!

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