This post is going up rather late in the day because I was busy enjoying Pie Friday. Trust me guys- so worth it.
This week was packed with all kinds of epic things, both work and play!


1. I shot this in the window of the now-closed Om Sham Teahouse. I’ve always loved those reflective bodoni-ish numbers.
I was pleased when I realized after the fact that the second 3 caught my face in it. I wonder what will go in here now that the tea is gone!

2. This was a several shot appsperiment of the rainbow lanterns in my friend Nadya’s room. I used about 8 different apps to make this shot, but I’m really happy with how it came out after some initial false starts that just didn’t capture the vibrance of how it looked in real life.

3. A gold toothed skull in the Prarie Collective storefront. The original shot was rather earthy in nature, so of course I ran it through decim8 until it was cold and mechanical looking. After which, I used dxp to overlay a few different variations on what decim8 turned out. I added extra triangles with the gelo app that mimicked the glass dagger effect from decim8- but gave me control over where they would appear. This is a much better expression of the more dynamic kinds of effects I think I’ll be using from the Decim8 app- which feels more successful than last week’s lightbulb shot.

4. I was interested in playing with the new hipstamatic tintype lens- having gotten a real one at Photobooth a few months back. I had heard that this lens used the iPhone’s facial recognition to help determine where to place the depth of field- which was super interesting to me. Unfortunately, the lens uses a ton of memory and was super crashy for me. If you’re having this problem, try to quit everything and restart your phone before even attempting to use it. All that said- so far I’ve had the most success using it on things that aren’t people. I’m sure I’ll eventually shoot some portraits with it later and talk about the facial recog thing more then.


5. Valencia and 26th. The entire crosswalk is covered with blue splatters. No idea how it got that way. Anyone know?

6. The Edwardian Ball. I helped the ball with some design and development this year, so I was especially excited to go. This ripped up portrait totally spoke to me and is largely unedited except for the color. Super curious who the people in it were.

7. More Edwardian Ball. This was Vau de Vivre’s production of Edward Gorey’s The Doubtful Guest- which was totally wonderful. I’ll ping you guys with video if it ever turns up on the internet, because it was just that good.

8. The night before, Tim and I went to see Tycho. Some of you might know Tycho better as Scott Hansen of ISO50 fame. I really preferred the visuals to the performance at this show- which makes sense, as Scott is a brilliant designer. I wish I had gotten a good shot of some of the desert footage he was showing, but the light was too tough in there to capture it.

That’s all for this week. Check out my instagram feed for updates as they happen, or higher res shots!

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