My apologies that I’m a bit late in getting this up. But I promise I’ll make up for it with some other really awesome content soon!

Muir Woods | Sugar on the keys | Plus pastel. | “Every girl goes through a photography phase…”

1. Jillian was visiting from New York and she’d never seen the redwoods before, so we made a trip to Muir Woods! More on this trip soon.
2. Gaylord’s cafe has an organ from the 70’s inside their condiment table. So cool!
3. This week I discovered that Blender is the most superior of all the double exposure apps. This is some telephone wires and a decorative concrete block.
4. This is a horribly cliche shot of my legs in stripey tights. I posted it originally with a quote from Lost in Translation, referring to how horribly cliche photos like this are. All that said, I still posted it.

Persimmon maybe? | Lines & leaks. | The magic hour. | Like one of @thisrabbit’s collages.

5. I shot this not knowing what kind of plant it was. Thanks to all of you, I now know it’s a rosehip!
6. I discovered ndpatterns this week- which you can download for free and use in your projects! You just have to tag the things you make with #ndpatterns. Special thanks to Neal Dieker!
7. This shot was an experiment with using Gelo and Over, which are 2 pretty awesome apps. I don’t generally use a lot of text on my IG photos, but you guys seemed to like this, so maybe I’ll do more of it.
8. Lastly, this photo reminded me a lot of one of Sou MacMillan’s collages after I edited it. Mostly just the colors and the sharpness.


Golden Gate Bridging it.

Parlour Trick Kickstarter Concert


Jilli changes her septum

Boy- I was all trees and telephones this week wasn’t I? I’ll try to cut down on that! Until next week!

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February 12th, 2013


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