I was completely blown away by Evelin Kasikov’s CMYK handprinted Alphabet.
All that embroidery would make my head spin.

Here’s how she describes her project:

This is my first fully CMYK-embroidered alphabet. My intention was to create stitched letterforms considering typographic characteristics: legibility, coherence, weight and contrast. I wanted to avoid manipulating existing character sets – this is not halftoned Gill Sans or Helvetica. I began by setting up a 4-layer halftone grid with 10 crosses per x-height. The screen for each colour is set at a different angle: Cyan 105˚, Magenta 75˚, Yellow 90˚ and Black 45˚. The challenge was to construct a coherent character set upon this grid. Each letter consists of four layers, Cyan being printed first and Black last. The equal blend of stitched CMYK colours results in handmade Registration Black.


Sadly her site doesn’t allow comments, so you can’t tell her how awesome you think it is.
But she has a lot of other awesome projects up that you should go check out!

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Love Letters // Evelin Kasikov’s Handprinted Alphabet

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June 19th, 2013