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I’m in this month’s issue of Computer Arts magazine! Many thanks to them for featuring me in their My Style Is… column. I was asked to submit three items that I’m digging.

I chose:

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I was also super stoked about the color changing front cover! All the agency names on the front turned purple in the sunlight, and they had a rad gloss UV effect on top.

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Special thanks to Nadya Lev who shot the amazing photo for this feature. As a bonus, here’s another shot from that set. Hair was done by Lauren Rynders, with makeup by Carolina Espinosa.

Thanks Computer Arts for featuring my style! You can order a print copy here, or a pdf in the App Store.

Computer Arts Feature: My Style

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November 25th, 2014

Emily has her own clothing line based out of Brooklyn, and needed new branding for her unique style. I know Emily from our time together in the Studio for Interrelated Media, where we learned about doing All The Things. Back in those days, Emily mostly made super cute videos, but now she makes super cute dresses instead! Want one for yourself? Pay her a visit here!

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Emily G

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October 8th, 2014


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I’m playing a show tonight! Stoked to be playing with these great people, and also getting to play some songs I’ve only played live once or so before. I’m on first and the show starts promptly. Let’s do this!

Doc Popular
Together We are Robots
Star St. Germain

El Rio
Tue, September 9th at 8pm
8pm, $5
RSVP on this here Facebook Event.

Show at El Rio

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September 9th, 2014


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Do you ever watch a documentary or news program and find yourself thinking that what they’re saying sounds like complete fiction? Do you ever wish you had your own army of fact checkers to confirm that what you’re hearing is accurate?

The folks behind the Signal Media Project sure did!

From their website:

Signal Media Project is a nonprofit organization that promotes and facilitates the accurate portrayal of science, technology and history in popular media. They support the creative process, improve audience understanding, and encourage critical thinking in these important arenas that influence our culture.

I was thrilled when they hired me to do their branding, because I’m super passionate about Science, History, and Technology! Also, none of these things can be awesome without factual accuracy.

signal style portfolio Signal Media Project Branding via

Working with these guys was a blast, and I’m looking forward to working on more projects with them in the future!

Signal Media Project Branding

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August 5th, 2014