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Remember how I was doing a piece of music for The Cheimonette Tarot? Well, the album is out now! All the tracks were inspired by readings from Eden, the deck’s creator, or directly from the cards themselves. This is the first time I’ve had new recorded music out in a long while, so I’m really super excited about it. The album is available pay-what-you-want on bandcamp. Special thanks to Eden, and all the other awesome musicians on this album. Have a listen!

The Sonic Arcana is out!

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April 17th, 2014


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I was unbelievably excited when Laurie Penny approached me about helping her redesign her website a few months back. Laurie writes and speaks on social justice, pop culture, gender issues and digital politics – all things I care a lot about – so working together seemed like a natural fit.

I designed the cover for one of her books a while back, but didn’t get to meet her or work with her directly. This time we got to meet and plan in person – which was awesome because she’s super lovely.

PRPortfolio Laurie Penny branding & website via ThisIsStar.com

We have other projects in the works, so look out for more fun stuff from us soon!

Laurie Penny branding & website

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April 8th, 2014

Oh man, there’s been a lot of exciting Zivity related stuff going on! Now might be a good time to show you all what’s been happening over here.

A couple months ago, we redesigned the front page to feature all our best content, plus a new look and feel. Here’s what all of that looked like.

zivityfirstspread4 Zivity  Design and Branding via ThisIsStar.com

I also was super excited when the branding I did for Zivity won a contest on Skillshare, and was featured on Design Work Life. Here’s some of that branding in action, but if you want the full experience, check out the style guide I made over at Design Work Life.

zivitythirdspreadc1 Zivity  Design and Branding via ThisIsStar.com

Lastly, we redesigned the photosets page this week, and I’m really stoked on the results.

zivitysetscreenshot Zivity  Design and Branding via ThisIsStar.com

The new page features dynamically changing colored UI- so each page beautifully compliments every photoset.

sets all shades1 Zivity  Design and Branding via ThisIsStar.com

I was specifically inspired by the ever rotating hair color of all our models, and wanted to have the pages of the site reflect this color based expression in a big way. I’m thrilled that we were able to find a way to make this aspect of my design a reality – dynamically and programatically. The page even detects what color the text should be, based on optimal contrast with the background color. I’m also curious to see how this informs the next round of design on the site. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

Zivity- Design and Branding

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April 1st, 2014

Why hello lovely internet! I’ve been living in a work shaped hole for a while, but now I have all kinds of cool stuff to show you! Keep an eye out for even more new projects later this week.
I recently did branding and a website for journalist and writer, Melissa Gira Grant. She just put out a new book, and wanted a new platform to help her promote it. As a long time reader of her writing, I jumped at the opportunity to help her with her design and development needs.

MGGPortfolio 3 Melissa Gira Grant branding & website via ThisIsStar.com

When I started talking with Melissa about her brand, she described it as “hard femme deco”. As soon as the words were out of her mouth, I knew exactly what direction to go in.
I especially like the lockup, which combined a pen nib with a flower, as well as Melissa’s initials.
Go on over to her website to check out her work, and mine.

Melissa Gira Grant branding & website

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March 26th, 2014

MG 9821 2 730x486 Zivity Valentines 2014 via ThisIsStar.com

Hey guys! I haven’t been posting much here lately because I’ve been super super busy making a whole lot of stuff for a whole lot of people. One thing I should mention is that I’m now Creative Director at Zivity.
Zivity is a place where Models & Photographers create images with the support and imagination of their Backers. Backers can elect to pay the artists for the content they like, or commission specific kinds of photos.
I’ll be doing another post on the rebrand & style guide I did for them, at some point. That said- we just did this awesome Valentine’s Day project that I want to share with you!

MG 9828 2 730x486 Zivity Valentines 2014 via ThisIsStar.com

Our CEO, Cyan, asked me to put together a set of valentines to give out as a thank you to our artists and members.
We went through dozens of Valentine’s Day themed photosets on the site to find a handful that would lend themselves well to illustration.

Art 1 320x487 Zivity Valentines 2014 via ThisIsStar.com Art 2 320x487 Zivity Valentines 2014 via ThisIsStar.com

I did illustrations based on my favorite shots from those sets, then sent them off to the folks at Dependable Letterpress to print them. I wanted to create something really tactile and weighty for these cards, so letterpress was an obvious choice.
We also did a pink to red split fountain effect to get a nice gradient on the second color pass.
The cards are perforated so you can tear them off and give them out to all your favorite people.

MG 9829 2 730x486 Zivity Valentines 2014 via ThisIsStar.com

If you want one of your own, sign up to get one here!

& here’s a list of all the models and photographers who made the content that inspired these illustrations:
Miss Kacie Marie by scherbius, Mosh by Redrum Collaboration, Pearl by Sequoia Emanuelle, Gracie Hagen by Anthropix, Porphyria by CandyLust, & Skyee_Line by justice91423.

Zivity Valentines 2014

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February 12th, 2014