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I recently had the privilege of designing all the collateral for spooky chamber music duo, The Parlour Trick.

I’ve already shown you the logo I did for them a while back, but there was a whole lot more to the project! Among the things I designed for them were LP packaging, CD packaging, postcards, sheet music, a responsive website, and motion graphics. The photos on the website and packaging are by Ellen Rogers and Audrey Penven.

Check out the titles and credits I made for the video below! I also did some post production on the video.


Recently, the band released the cd & vinyl pressing of their record. So go get that while it lasts!

This has been one of my favorite projects this year, and I’m really happy with what I made for it.
Also, this album is awesome.

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The Parlour Trick Collateral

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November 13th, 2013

My friend Eden is making a tarot deck!
But not just a beautifully rendered deck, but also- a deck that comes with music!
I don’t think I’ve even heard of such a thing before. She was lovely enough to ask me to contribute a track to her project, and so I’m making some new music just for her. Watch this video to see the cards and hear more about her deck:

She just put up a little artist spotlight thing, in which she said some really super nice things about my music. Maybe some of the nicest things anybody’s ever said about my music, even!
The tracks will come in a special edition of the deck called The Sonic Arcana. I’m in really good company with the other musicians on this project (Mark Growden, Myrrh Larsen, Artemis Robison, Jill Tracy, Unwoman, and Meredith Yayanos), so even if you don’t dig my tunes or tarot, there’s lots of other good people to listen to on here!

Lastly, here’s a little video preview of some of the noises I’m making to go with her cards.
No vocals for now, but you’ll get an idea. Also, I’m making dance music now? More on that later.

She’s only got 6 days left on her kickstarter, so check it out if you want one!

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So I finished my illustration from this year’s Designer Vaca! & I actually ended up doing two!
Kathleen submitted this shot with two photos in it, so I just drew them both.
So stoked for her and her baby boy! Thanks to everyone else who sent me stuff. There’s a high likelihood that I might draw a couple more when I have some spare time.

Like last year, this year’s Designer Vaca was inspiring and awesome!
I roomed with Shauna again this year, and we spent our time talking all things Branch.
I got to catch up with all the awesome people I met last year, and also made a handful of smart and sassy new friends!
It was so great to spend time surrounded by so many talented ladies.
To get a better idea of what it was like, check out this sweet video from Jay Adores.

Designer Vaca 2013

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November 1st, 2013

On my birthday, I went to Golden Gate Park and spent some quality time with my Mom.
She had never been to San Francisco before, so I took her to the Conservatory of Flowers. Lucky for us, it happened to be their monthly free day!

While I had been to the conservatory before, I had never seen the Dahlia Dell. It was there that I learned that the Dahlia is the official flower of San Francisco.

I sat in the butterfly garden and watched the monarchs hatching. I love the gold and green pattern on their cocoons. I want to do something inspired by that palate now! Monarchs have the market cornered on color combinations, IMHO.

The Butterfly garden just got extended through March, so you have plenty of time to visit if you’re local.
#notsponsoredbygoldengatepark #Ijustreallylikeflowers #andalsobutterflies

Conservatory of Flowers

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October 18th, 2013


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saguaro Palm Springs Illustrations & a sort of contest. via
nodiving Palm Springs Illustrations & a sort of contest. via

I recently attended Designer Vaca in Palm Springs, which was really awesome and inspiring! Unfortunately, I’ve been traveling a bunch and haven’t been able to post about it.
To tide you over until I can- here are some illustrations I did of me and Shauna from last year’s conference.

I haven’t posted these anywhere, except for the one below, which is obviously on the front page of this website- but here it is uncropped and high res!

ParkerStar Palm Springs Illustrations & a sort of contest. via
hammock Palm Springs Illustrations & a sort of contest. via

To up the ante a little bit, and encourage me to keep making and collaborating with all the lovely ladies I met at DV, I’m inviting all you ladies who attended to send me a photo you took at this year’s conference. I’ll draw an illustration similar to the ones above from your photo and I’ll include in my post for this year!

But I only have time to draw ONE!

So comment here, email me, facebook message- just send me something highish res and I’ll pick one, okay?
Send me your faves!