So, as you guys may know, I am a big fan of letters. I mean the things that make up the alphabet, as opposed to the things you get in the mail. Although I do also like mail, and obviously you can’t write a letter without writing letters.

Point being that I like talking about lettering, typography, etc. and it would be cool to have a spot to feature that stuff. So here’s my first shot.


Balkan Sans is a typeface that represents both Latin and Cyrillic Alphabets. Each character shows a pairing of the Latin letter and it’s Cyrillic equivalent. In the cases where they are the same, the letter is shown once, just at double height.


The applications for a typeface of this nature, with regards to education, are pretty cool!
It can be used to translate Croatian Latin into Serbian Cyrillic, for example.
The uses are even more expansive when using all the available faces:

Balkan Sans and Balkan Sans Stencil consist of four styles – three of them have different alignments (e.g., all uppercase characters are Latin and lowercase characters are Cyrillic) and one style consists of uppercase Cyrillic and lowercase Latin characters.

So you can use it in Latin or Cyrillic as you please, not just in the paired version I mentioned above. To truly understand it’s brilliance, check out the video below.

You can buy Balkan Sans from Typeonine and you can also pick up the handsome poster shown above.

Unrelated, I relaunched my site and accidentally turned comments off. Sorry about that! As of this post it should be turned back on- with the new jetpack integration so you can comment using twitter or facebook as well as the default WordPress.


Love Letters // Balkan Sans

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April 18th, 2013


Hurray! After months of work, my new website is live!

This new version has been designed to put a greater focus on my portfolio, which now has its own page. I’ll be doing a breakdown of all these new projects on my blog in the coming weeks!

The new site layout has a hefty amount of flat design influence, as well as some parallax scrolling effects that I’m totally stoked on.

The site is fully responsive, meaning that the layout shifts depending on whether the site is viewed on a desktop, tablet or phone. I’ve also switched to Jetpack for comments, which means that you can now comment using your Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Typography on the web is getting more and more dynamic as new web fonts and plugins become available. This site is set in a combination of Brandon Grotesque and Hypatia Sans. I also made use of FitText.js, an excellent plugin that allows designers to make text on their webpages resize in a fluid fashion.

Special thanks to Nadya Lev, Nubby Twiglet, and Tim Riot for their unending support while I put all of this together. Let me know what you guys think of my new look, and be sure to check out the work page to see lots of new stuff!

Spring 2013 Site Refresh

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April 16th, 2013

For Chinese New Year every year, a group of local pyromaniacs descend upon the streets of Chinatown.
The result is an evening of bangs and bursts, and a block-wide swath of red paper.
Watch the above video to get the full effect.

A special thank you to Jillian for letting me shoot with her camera.
I’m hoping to release a little video with a little bit of branding and animation every month for you guys to check out, so hopefully this is the first of a series.


Chinatown Bang 2013

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March 30th, 2013




DOUBLE EDITION! Brought to you thanks to the ddos attack that leveled my blog last week, making me unable to post. More on that later. But now, photos- In the brand new WordPress Jetpack mosaic format! PREEEETY.

1. Double dragon. This was Mission Chinese lunch with 2 folks who has not previously enjoyed the glory of their food. So much fun to watch their faces as they nommed like that had never nommed before.
2.Chinatown Bang 2013. This is one of my favorite things. Check out my video post for an in depth recap.
3. My friend Oscar. The folks at Stuff had these life size oscar statues out front! So neat!
4. This guy. Oh man. To whoever put this googly eye on this plant. I love you. Also what plant is this? All you folks helped out greatly with the rosehip, so I don’t doubt that one of you will know.
5. Utility power…and a cyclops. This one kind of speaks for itself.
6. Conversation hearts. The folks at Stanza know that “sext me” is clearly the romantic statement of the century.
7. Happiest of Valentines to all my lovelies! <3<3 I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.
8. 6, 43, 39 Just waiting for my number to come up.

9. The view from here. Had an excellent weekend staycation adventure at the Kabuki. Here’s Tim and Lisa on the balcony looking like something from a movie.
10. Edison was kind of a jerk. Srsly, He killed an elephant.
11. Wrong way. I really liked how the background blur worked out on this one.
12. Post-Valentines at the Bull Valley roadhouse. Glitter letters by Wendy Addison, hanging in my new favorite bay area restaurant.
13. Building Bridges. The natural motion blur on the foreground really made this photo for me.
14. Caution. Wet paint. This whole building was *covered* in tape!

From The Hip Feb 8-22

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February 22nd, 2013


From the Hip


My apologies that I’m a bit late in getting this up. But I promise I’ll make up for it with some other really awesome content soon!

Muir Woods | Sugar on the keys | Plus pastel. | “Every girl goes through a photography phase…”

1. Jillian was visiting from New York and she’d never seen the redwoods before, so we made a trip to Muir Woods! More on this trip soon.
2. Gaylord’s cafe has an organ from the 70’s inside their condiment table. So cool!
3. This week I discovered that Blender is the most superior of all the double exposure apps. This is some telephone wires and a decorative concrete block.
4. This is a horribly cliche shot of my legs in stripey tights. I posted it originally with a quote from Lost in Translation, referring to how horribly cliche photos like this are. All that said, I still posted it.

Persimmon maybe? | Lines & leaks. | The magic hour. | Like one of @thisrabbit’s collages.

5. I shot this not knowing what kind of plant it was. Thanks to all of you, I now know it’s a rosehip!
6. I discovered ndpatterns this week- which you can download for free and use in your projects! You just have to tag the things you make with #ndpatterns. Special thanks to Neal Dieker!
7. This shot was an experiment with using Gelo and Over, which are 2 pretty awesome apps. I don’t generally use a lot of text on my IG photos, but you guys seemed to like this, so maybe I’ll do more of it.
8. Lastly, this photo reminded me a lot of one of Sou MacMillan’s collages after I edited it. Mostly just the colors and the sharpness.


Golden Gate Bridging it.

Parlour Trick Kickstarter Concert


Jilli changes her septum

Boy- I was all trees and telephones this week wasn’t I? I’ll try to cut down on that! Until next week!

From The Hip // Feb 2-8

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February 12th, 2013


From the Hip, Photo



Elsewhere // 2.7.13

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February 7th, 2013