Hi guys! This week’s issue of SFWeekly is ENTIRELY COMICS. One of them happens to be one that I drew.
This issue isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a comics issue though- it’s illustrated versions of the same columns that run every week. SFWeekly paired it’s columnists up with local cartoonists to create what they called “a terrifying mutant of journalism and illustration.”


I was paired up with Benjamin Wachs to do the Distillations column. Naturally, since this is the bar revue column, it was our duty to grab a round together at the bar in question- which turned out to be Trick Dog. I super loved the Zodiac themed menu, which you had to rotate to read. Also, hilariously, we ended up talking to Rob Baedeker and Chris Colin, which turned into this Fastco article. What are the odds of two groups of people doing separate articles in the same place at the same time striking up a conversation? So, this comic and that article together make the collision of two pieces of journalism in one bar.


If you’re in San Francisco, you should pick up a copy! Or if you’re not you can just read it online.

Last month, I went to Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon.
I made the image above on the plane, using the iPhone applications classictoy, photofactory, diptic, camerabag, and instagram.
All the rest of the photos in this post are by Tim unless otherwise noted.

[photo by Merrick Monroe]

My dearest comrades & collaborators, John C. Worsley, Myrrh Larsen, and Tim Riot!

These are some of my favorite dudes on the planet. All three of them are responsible for making me make the best art that I possibly can, in ways that are progressive and collaborative. I am so effing grateful that they’re all a part of my life, and that they’re around to inspire and challenge me.

On that note, this year it was more apparent than ever that all of us are sort of becoming a collective.
We are all doing things having to do with music and comics, and I suspect that next year we will have a lot of really awesome music/comics things to show you.

If you’re a person who makes both comics and music- please holler at us! We want to hear from you!

This year, the fest moved to the convention center. The lighting was very futuristic, as you can see.

The table was a nice mix of new and old stuff this year. John and I were still hawking copies of All Over the Map, along with copies of the new split mini he made with Myrrh, The Edge Of The World. John also had another new book out called Never Let Go.

When I arrived in Portland, John and Myrrh were a flurry of activity trying to get their books printed and ready for the show.
I had already decided to not stress myself out trying to make a new mini, but the boys were all making stuff & I suddenly found myself wanting to make stuff too!

I had come prepared with prints of some photos I’d recently shot and shared with Instagram.
It was at this point that I had an idea, and I knew it would continue to nag me until I made it a real thing.

I decided to take a bunch of photos that I’d shot with my phone, as part of my everyday life, and do some really quick drawings of them.
I had a plethora of stuff to choose from, thanks to my addiction to instagram!

Since I had a really limited amount of time to make this, I used in-phone processing applications on my photos to cut down on my drawing time as much as possible.
Afterwards, I exported them, and went to town drawing on them with John’s wacom.

The result was Instabook! a little tiny mini made in less that 24 hours.
I sold out on the first day and had to do a second print run.

I think that I’m going to do more instagram based books and later compile them into a longer, colored work.
Keep an eye out for more on this soon!

The Art battle and afterparty this year were both held at the Jupiter Hotel, which we had the pleasure of staying at for one night.

I spent the majority of this particular evening a few sheets to the wind- hanging with Molly Crabapple, Erika Moen, and Nubby Twiglet.

I totally love this Red Riding Hood mural they have out front. Red is my homegirl, y’know.

As always I had a super fun time! Looking forward to next year!

p.s. I also did a podcast with Tim and Neil about the fest for Destroy All Podcasts- listen here!

Today and tomorrow, I will be exhibiting at Stumptown Comics Fest alongside my talented comrades, John C. Worsley, Myrrh Larsen, and Tim Riot. We will be rocking out at table F-9, so please stop by and say hi!

I will have copies of All Over the Map, as well as a brand new mini based on my Instagram photos, called Instabook!
If you follow me on Instagram and go to the fest, you can get one for free!

Hope to see you there!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of my most ambitious project to date!

I have joined forces with Mr John C. Worsley to create a multimedia project of epic proportions.

This started in the spring, when John was about to embark on a road trip from Oregon to Massachusetts.
After discussing his plans, I discovered I had previously taken a trip along nearly the exact route he was planning- just in the opposite direction.

The Comic

We decided to make a comic about the concept of the cross country road trip, based on my previous experience, and the one he was about to have.

We came up with a format, which allowed for the book to be read in either direction.
We each wrote a loose story, and printed them in opposite directions on the same page- using the road itself as the dividing line between our stories.

The Album

As we began working on the comic- John had begun working on an album about the experience.
Initially it was his plan to do this separately from our comic project- but seeing as we are both musicians, I suggested that perhaps I should write my own album.

This was where things really got interesting.

We decided it would be really excellent if I were to write all my songs in the same key and time signature as John’s, in the hopes that we’d be able to play them at the same time and have them sound good.
John’s songs were largely electronic and instrumental, so we knew it would be possible for me to write things with words that would compliment what he had already done.

John began writing out all the parameters of all his songs for me- key, time signature, length, bpm, etc.
I vowed to not listen to any of his material until I was finished composing my own.

The Process

John finished his album and released it.

I spent considerably more time on my half- seeing as I was also having to write words that would work with the content of the comic.
I can vouch that my half of the project ended up being about every road trip I have ever been on, and then some.

Since he was finished, John listened to me while I worked.
He would occasionally say things like “This isn’t working- you’re going to have to scrap it.”

While I was less than thrilled by those sort of developments, I was determined to make a good record that would work with John’s half- without compromising the integrity of the project and listening to his work.

The Result

Months later, I finally finished.
I heard the songs playing in sync for the first time.
The results were better than I ever could have expected.

Here is the first track, combined with John’s last track:

We decided we needed a nice way to show people exactly what we did.

As such, we built a player for the music that crossfades the music between John’s half, my half, or both.

It is flash, and it won’t work on your iThings. Sorry about that.

We made a bandcamp page, where you can buy the combined album, either half on it’s own, or all three with the pdf of the book.
If you buy the deluxe package of all 3, please wait patiently, as it takes bandcamp a long time to shell out 36 tracks and a pdf.

Of course, you can stream the whole thing for free- either through our player, or on bandcamp.

I’d love to hear any comments you have on any aspect of this project.

Thanks for listening!

Hey guys! Girl Comics #3 is out now, in which I had the immense pleasure of lettering for Ann Nocenti and Molly Crabapple!

This is a Typhoid Mary story, and as such, one of the characters had several personalities, and needed letter styles for each one.
Needless to say this was one of the hardest, and also most rewarding pieces that I’ve ever lettered.

A million thanks to Marvel, Ann, and Molly for having me!
It was an honor to work with such talented ladies!!

Speaking of comics, I’m leaving for San Diego Comic Con tomorrow night!!
Leave a note if you are going and want to meet up!