I will be in Portland, Oregon this weekend- attending Stumptown Comics Fest!! YAY!
If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to instead of keeping my blog up to date, I’ve been working on a new mini with none other than Mr. John C. Worsley.

I am at table 34! Come say hi! Buy my new mini!
Also, I have an awesome big surprise on the horizon that you will see either at the fest, or on here shortly thereafter.


I recently was asked to contribute an illustration of Harvey Pekar to Smith Magazine. They asked a group of 70 artists draw his portrait, as a surprise for his 70th birthday.
Ladies and gentleman, I give you Harvey Pekar:
Harvey Pekar

Please check out the rest of the pieces in the project over at SmithMag.
There are lots of other amazing renditions of Mr. Pekar for you to feast your eyes on, and I’m quite sure you’ll be glad you did.

A big red chair

I went to SDCC. I still haven’t quite recovered-almost a month later.
So many friends of mine-from so many different geographical locations, and so many different times in my life- were in attendance. The amount of things and places and people I managed to see and do is nothing short of dizzying, so I’ll do my best to summarize.


The anthology I was in last year, Comic Book Tattoo, won an Eisner award for Best Anthology!
How cool is that?
I’m really honored to have been in this book at all, and it’s extra exciting to have the book be recognized in such a big way.

Picture 7

I did a bunch of podcasts for Collection DX and Kotobukiya while I was there.

You can listen to them here:

Tim Curry’s Over the Top
Franz Kafka’s A Country Doctor
Pryde of the X-men
Goodbye to SDCC

Picture 6

I spent a bunch of days in a red wig, doing whirlwind hangouts with more friends than I could shake a stick at. Much love to my ever-present entourage of SF/Portland/LA dudefriendhotelmates. Shoutouts to the CBLDF crew, Heartbreak Comics, Dr. Sketchy’s, & 5Lights! I love all of you fiercely!!!

Me, G-way, Heartbreak Nick
[ Heartbreak Nick, Gerard Way & I]

CBLDF benefit party
[Photo by Lou Noble]

Lastly, some videos by Mr. John C Worsley, of myself, Myrrh Larsen, and Jeremy K.

Page 13

Page 13 of the 24hour comic I did with Miss Mary Bee!
Writing/Modeling by her, Illustration/layout by me.